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October 10, 2011

Since my game won’t take the Hallovins right now (see here), I’ve decided to start a DiFT challenge. My founder is James Maddox, a sim from the second family I ever made.

I’m the original Maddox save, he was living with his outdoor-loving mother, his workaholic father, and his grumpy paternal grandfather. When he was a teen, the family stove caught fire and killed both his mother and his father, and once he was a young adult, his grandfather died. I kinda stopped playing that save after that, and I figured that this challenge would be a good way to finish his story, especially since generation one is the farming generation, and his mother was a gardener, too.

Now, James lives at 53 Waterfall Way in Sunset Valley (since I can’t install Riverview now, either). The rules don’t say that you have to start at 15 Summer Hill Court, like you would in  a regular legacy, and I didn’t think it would be appropriate to have a farm between the Altos’ and Langraabs’ houses.

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